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Web Accessibility: Issues and Techniques

This page illustrate some common accessibility issues and techniques for resolving them. It is not intended as an overview of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) standards.

Accessibility Considerations


Heading tags are intended to convey a document's structure and aid navigation for screen reader and screen magnification users. Heading tags should never be used to control font characteristics.

  • Use a level 1 heading tag <h1> to indicate the title, topic, or purpose of each page.
  • Repeat all or part of the level 1 heading in the <title> element.
  • Use level 2 heading tags <h2> to indicate each main section of the document.
  • Use level 3 heading tags <h3> to indicate sub-sections.
  • Use level 4 <h4>, level 5 <h5>, and level 6 <h6> heading tags to indicate sub-sub-sections.